CAST was established in 2013 having identified the lack of any comprehensive social community offer in the Bacup and Rossendale communities.

We turn local knowledge and energy into action and progress, building stronger communities and a better future for all.

You can explore our future, present and past projects in the menu above or the images below.  Many of our projects cover areas throughout Rossendale.

Some of the Past, Present and Future projects of CAST


Past Projects


Present Projects


Future Projects

How CAST Chooses Projects

CAST came into existence because Bacup and Rossendale were lacking resources we felt we could provide. We have been a prescence in Bacup since 2013, chatting to other organisations and the community in order to identify what resources are missing and needed in the community. We then set about seeking funding to provide said needs and resources and work with people able to deliver that project.

You can see what we have done so far in 'past projects' what we have ongoing in 'present projects' and our plans and ideas for the future in 'future projects'.

If you have ideas about what resources you feel are lacking in your area please contact us via the 'our location' page. We look forward to hearing from you.