The VisionA regeneration charity dedicated to the well-being of communities and preservation of heritage in Rossendale.

Young Volunteering Opportunity
Community Assets Standing Tall (CAST) has been awarded £49,400 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) to undertake a two year listing project of Rossendale Heritage assets.Trustees

Our Five Key Objectives

CAST was formed for the promotion of the public benefit of urban or rural regeneration in areas of social and economic deprivation and in particular Bacup and the surrounding Rossendale area of Lancashire.

Did you know that parts of Bacup, Lancashire are in the countries most deprived areas?

Bacup and Rossendale have a wealth of heritage and historic buildings, next time you walk or drive through see how many you can spot.

Our key five objectives are:

  1. To support the improvement of the physical, social and economic environment of the Rossendale Valley.
  2. To work to ensure the establishment, sustainability and well-being of Community Focus..
  3. To promote and sustain interest in the heritage of the Rossendale Valley.
  4. To act as a supportive resource for all parts of the community of Rossendale.
  5. To be a robust, resilient, effective and sustainable organisation, equipped to deliver its social mission.



The Nitty GrittySee how we accomplish our goals.

  • Step 1: Careful Planning

    The board of Trustees carefully plan which projects to tackle, to ensure sufficient outcomes of value to the local community, and that they fit within our five key objectives as a registered charity.

  • Step 2: Team Assembly

    From the board of Trustees to employees and volunteers our team, must demonstrate the ability to bring projects to a satisfactory conclusion and engagement of the community.

  • Step 3: Follow Through

    Community engagement and project outcomes must be aligned against the Charities 5 key objectives for any project to have value.

The TeamMeet our amazing team of Trustees, volunteers and staff.

The Team - Trustee, Volunteer and Staff


In a Charity every penny counts, and we cannot thank our sponsors and donors enough for the funds they entrust us with. Please give what you can afford. Donate Here


Our trustees work tirelessly to balance the books and bring rewarding projects to Bacup and the Rossendale Valley, Lancashire.


Without the dedication of our staff and volunteers many of our projects would not get off the ground. All volunteers are welcome.

The AimRegeneration in areas of social and economic deprivation.

In particular in Bacup and the surrounding Rossendale area of Lancashire by all or any of the following means;

(a) the advancement of education, training or retraining, particularly among unemployed people, and providing unemployed people with work experience

(b) the creation of training and employment opportunities by the provision of workspace, buildings, and/or land for use on favourable terms

(c) the preservation of buildings or sites of historic or architectural importance

(d) the provision of recreational facilities for the public at large or those who by reason of their youth, age, infirmity or disablement, financial hardship or social and economic circumstances, have need of such facilities

(e) the protection or conservation of the environment

Charity Goal and Aims