Our future projects is where a lot of time and effort is invested to ensure we gather the correct way to not only plan and fund the project but also in how it is delivered.


Reminiscence Café

Supporting those living with dementia, in social isolation or just lonely.

Community Pantry

Creation of a ‘Community Pantry’ incorporating a fridge and freezer – food supplied by the community to assist lower income families and to provide social interaction with special events, sharing meals for all. This is a great example of the community helping itself.

Running Cook n Eat Courses

There will be adult and junior courses teaching basic skills, cooking fresh healthy meals whatever your budget and encouraging family recipe books

Running a Smoothie & Games Bar

Supporting socially isolated young adultswith a healthy, safe environment in which to socialise

Establishing a Trade Swap project

A way for people to help each other with needs e.g. A fixed leaky tap could be paid for with a home-made child’sbirthday cake.

The Bank

For a number of years CAST has been searching for a building which can serve not only as our office but that will also be big enough to house our ongoing projects like the Thursday Lunch Club and all our future ideas, like the cook and eat cookery courses. We have looked at a number of buildings in Bacup but they have either been unsuitable or we have lost out…

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