Crawshawbooth Community Meeting

Community Meeting

Community Meetings are part of our Heritage Listing Project, this is where we engage with the local Rossendale community, about the Community Asset Register and the Local List, what these entail and what benefits they have for the community as a whole in protecting local heritage items for future generations.

Community Meeting at Crawshawbooth Community Centre on Saturday 14/04/2018

In attendance Carl Bradshaw, Ian Taylor, Robert Nichols

Previously Ian and Stephen attended the LVRA meeting and addressed a group of approx. 20 members to explain the aims and benefits of Local Listing project. Information packs were provided for each attendee and spare copies left with the Secretary.

Bob attended as the sole representative of the LVRA and during the event. Numbers were sparse on the day. A further five people showed interest on the day.

The quality of the information far outweighed the number of attendees, which of course meant that the session ran over. Bob went on to inform us of the Loveclough bus shelter that was bombed in WWII, How the community where buzzed by a Zeppelin in WWI and that at Folly Clough Bridge there is a place for a potential car park and picnic area for community use.

Potential Heritage items in your local community.

From the community meeting the following were identified as possible heritage listing prospects:

  • The Spewing Duck
  • The last remaining chimney at Kippax Mill
  • Britannia Mills
  • Greenfold Reservoir
  • The village lost in the reservoir and the flooded buildings
  • Moral Heights 1100s
  • The Farm, White Boar pub and church
  • Loveclough Park
  • Crawshawbooth Community Centre – Community Asset Transfer 1990 from LCC
  • Old pictures of Centre from 1900s
  • Footpath No. 384 – Commercial Street to Loveclough Fold to Footpath No 9/10
  • Allotments
  • Folly Clough Bridge
  • Quaker Friends Meeting House, Crawshawbooth, Rossendale
  • Quaker burial sites Loveclough Cotton Meadow

You can nominate your local heritage items here.